October 14

WordPress Websites for Photographers


What's The Benefit of an Agency Building WordPress Websites for Photographers?

Knowing how to get your website found is the key. 

After 15+ years of building and studying the effectiveness of my own photography business website, I know how.

Note: Before reading any further, see how my latest WordPress  Wedding Photographer in Dorset website is performing after just 10 days:

My Own Website Case Study Performance Scores

Google SEO and Aerial Video Dorset Search

Example of how SEO works and why your site needs it

Back in 2014, I saw a drone for the first time. Instantly, I had a burning desire to conquer the skies with my photography and video work. I knew this would be a huge opportunity for expanding my business so I got to work. 

Even before I had flown a drone, I built a page promoting this new arm (or wing) of my business. I studied, researched and bought my first drone. I also built my fist page related to aerial video in Dorset and I was off.

Because of my experience in building and promoting WordPress websites, I knew what needed to be done. It wasn't long before I was ranking highly in the search engines for that page.

In fact, if you go to Google and search for "Aerial Video Dorset", see where I am in the results.

It may differ if you are miles away from Dorset but give it a go. Then, with that page open, go to the video tab in google and see if any of my videos appear near the top.

It's not as simple as that

Solid Website Foundation

Of course, for this to work consistently for your business, your website needs a good, solid and well-structured foundation. You know, the important stuff that takes a lot of work that no-one will ever see. However, it is the stuff that makes your website solid, trustworthy and reliable.

What you will then find is that every page or post you build starts to rank highly a lot quicker. This is where I come in.

I will use those same skills as I used on my site, and all my websites, for you. The first 10-15 pages and what you do with them are so important. You need to get the foundations in place along with everything else I do to ensure your website gets the best start it can. After that, it's up to you (with my ongoing help if you need it).

Off-site SEO

This is something not many WordPress web designers teach or help with when building websites. The SEO work done OFF site is as important as your on-site SEO.

This is where I think I differ and offer more value. I will implement all necessary off site SEO whilst I build the main website.

Photos, Video and Terminology

Uploading Media to Your Website

You will almost certainly want to upload photos and maybe videos to your website. Especially portfolios websites. Do you upload JPEG's, TIFF files, PNG's? What about video? YouTube? Vimeo? Wistia?

There are some huge factors that need to be taken into account when uploading images or videos to your website. Google and the other search engines have changed a lot in recent years.

They are sticklers for speed and performance and if the media you upload doesn't meet their criteria, you will more than likely damage your website with regards to performance and therefore, rankings.

Again, I have got this more than covered. The procedures I use are not widely known but will help your website enormously.

I'm not going to give too much away here but rest assured, your site will have the best start, or boost for existing websites, possible. I've helped with a few WordPress websites for photographers so please get in touch today for a chat or drop me a line here.

Thanks, Nick

Note: Not seen this yet? Check out how my latest Wedding Photographer in Dorset website is performing after just 10 days:

My Own Website Case Study Performance Scores


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