Photography and Video for Your Website

Great Photography and Video are Essential for Modern Websites

Professional photography and video for your website

Professional photography and video for Spanish client

Once your website is built and established, the biggest impact it can have is through decent photography and perhaps commercial or promotional video. Great visuals are the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your site so make them count.

Professional Photography for Websites

Promotional Photography for Websites

Property photography for a local developer

If you want to use free images for your site, I have a few free stock sites that I use myself. There are however, many occasions where I wouldn't recommend it. In order to keep certain aspects of any business professional, I would suggest using bespoke, tailored photography. Hire me, hire a professional close to you or take them yourself (but make them good). 

The reason for this is that the last thing you want is to see (or for your customers to see) the exact same image on another website. Even worse, a competitors' site. In this scenario, you both lose.

My rates are available on this page: Commercial photographer Dorset.

You may notice that the image of a couple at the top of this page is also on the top of my media website linked above which I took for a commercial shoot in Spain. If you would like me to help out with your photography, maybe some property shots, drone work or product photography, please let me know.

Professional Video for Websites

Time Lapse Photography

Shooting a time lapse for clients' website video.

Most of my video work is commercial based. This ranges from drone roof inspections, weddings and product reviews through to interviews, commercial promotional videos, documentaries and film work, some of which you can see in the video below.

Maybe your website and business would benefit from professional video?

My commercial video rates are the same as my photography rates. However, this may include aerial video which requires a lot more pre-shoot work such as risk assessments, letter drops, site surveys and so on. Again, let me know if you would like some pro video to promote your business.

Contact me for a free quote on pro photography and video for your website.

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