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Built for you by one WordPress specialist meaning one point of contact and one person creating the entire website. No hassle. Limited clients.

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With us being novices in computers, Nick took complete control and went above and beyond our expectations. - Sarah Reynolds

Why WordPress?

It's All About Ease of Maintenance

Handing over a website that's simple to run and operate frees your time to concentrate on what you do best.

Why hire me?

If you want your site to be found online and your visitors to hang around, you need a website that is fast loading, responsive, engaging and great looking.

The search engines such as Google and Bing require your website to reach the above criteria and a lot more if they are to promote you above your competitors.

With more than 15 years at this, I've got it covered.

Freefly Multimedia Nick Stubbs

By taking on a limited number of small business clients each month, you can rest assured I give your site my full, undivided attention.

Nick Stubbs - Web Designer

Site Speed

Optimising the page layouts, images, videos and styling all helps to speed up the loading of your sites pages.


Google now operate a "mobile first" policy. Your site must look as good on mobile as it does on desktop (or else)!

Photos and Videos

Upload images and videos incorrectly at your peril. Google renew their algorithms regularly so take heed...

Just Me

Why I work alone

I have been building websites since 2004. During that time I have created a routine that is fast, strict, precise and unwavering. Also, with the regular Google algorithm updates, us web designers need to stay on the ball and working alone allows me to stay on top of things. 

I am also a stickler for quality. Not just with my own websites but in keeping up with changes to the way the web works (as well as new tech becoming available). If something new comes to my attention that will benefit a site, I'm on it. I'll study any feature or addition until I am sure it works and that it will enhance my own websites or those of my clients. 

One Designer

No "going around the houses" with large agencies using multiple web designers and contacts.

Experienced Geek

I take pride in my work and won't rest until I have done the best job possible on your website.

Limited Clients

I limit my web design client base to give each site my full attention with constant client contact.


What others say about my work

After being left very disappointed with my old website, we decided to invest in a new one...and I'm so glad we did. Nick completely redesigned and brought our website to life. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained every step of the way. Being complete novices in computers, Nick took complete control and went above and beyond our expectations. I now have clients asking who designed it and my business has gone to another level of professional.

Sarah Reynolds

NV Salon Bridgwater

Keeping it simple!

Years of working on the web means I have honed the services and products I use to a "T". The web hosting, design templates and plugins I use and recommend are, in my opinion, the best. They are fast, continuously updated/improved, compatible, reliable and all "talk to each other".


Speed is of the essence! Google hates slow sites.

  • Fast loading, reliable, free CDN, compatible, 99.5% uptime
  • Guaranteed, expert, online support within 30 seconds!!!
  • Multiple cost options depending on your needs
Fast Web Hosting Home

Website Templates


How your site looks, responds and interacts.

The template or "look and feel" you choose isn't just about appearance. It's about user experience and how people feel when they visit your site. The call to action for visitors is everything. You'll love the feature-rich set up we use for building websites.

About the designer

Nick Stubbs

Nick Stubbs Freefly Multimedia

Hi, I’m Nick Stubbs.

Professional web design, photography and video. As well as nearly two decades experience building websites, I am also a professional photographer and filmmaker. My company was set up to incorporate all these skills back in 2010. Long before then, it was obvious that the addition of good photography and video was fast becoming important for the online presence and success of our websites.

If needed, I can provide imaging or advise on how to make your site "web-friendly" when it comes to adding high quality media. Not only does this help with the search engines, it also shows a high standard of professionalism to your visitors/clients.



You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I want you to walk away with a website that is not only good looking but functional too. It must also be easy for you to "take over" and run with minimal fuss. You may even learn to love "blogging" : )


Here are some common questions regarding websites.

How Long to Build?

For a standard, 10-15 page website with all content (text, images and video) provided, the website should be live within one week. If you require additional work such as setting up and adding the site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console or sourcing media, it may take a day or three longer.

Who Maintains the Site?

If this is something you either already know about or wish to learn and deal with, great. If however, you would like me to host and maintain the website with regards to updates etc, I am happy to oblige for a small monthly fee. I will also write, source images for and upload pages/blog entries for you for a fee.

Do I Have a Say?

Of course! In fact I insist. Whereas I can help with content, it is important that any pages or blog entries have your "voice" and style. We will work closely together to get the look and feel of your website exactly how you like it. Some clients even show me websites that they get inspiration from (but which I won't copy). 

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost for a standard 10 page, SEO focused website with hosting and template subscription handled by you is £995. This includes design & build, setting up with Google Analytics/Google Search Console and launch. If you would like, I can also host the site on my server account along with the template subscription.

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The sooner we get started, the sooner your new WordPress website gets indexed by Google. Once indexed, the site and any ongoing work will help it to rise through the ranks for your business.